The Plunge

The party looted the smuggler/poison den, and found a pit full of scorpions. Using the scented bracelets on the elves, a large store of poison opened to the players.

They made the accountant dwarf devote himself to their own cause, on a condition that they’ll speak to the nightwind clan leader and establish themselves as a legitimate crime business (yes, i see the irony. Namely, make it so you dont get swallowed up by the bigger fish)

Nameless changed into a beautiful female nightwind elf, and bluffed her way through the clan’s customs. She attempted to speak with the nightwind elder, but he was away on business—arranging the assassination of the party (unbeknownst to tenneille). Regard

The party rested at the temple, keeping a watchful eye on the inflicted peasants. In the morning, they awoke to a great commotion; a sandstorm swept up from the deserts. This was a blessing, hueceps guard would not be able to see TN’s backup.

they regrouped and left for their morning meeting with Huecep. As TN was casing the Dead Badger Inn, the rest of the party was ambushed by nightwind assassins from the cover of the sand storm. It was a brutal confrontation, and the nightwinds fled once one of their members was killed.
TN was not recognized from the previous night; it seems their target was Xion, whom the nightwinds blame for the killing of their kin.

On to the show…Huecep appeared to be alone in the building, but Sissmuth realized something was strange with the windows. They were magically crafted to display a false illusionary image. Dozens of guardsmen accompanied Huecep. TN quickly formulated a plan to feign an unusual mugging in front of the tavern. Xion’s ID Fiend companion would ‘attack’ TN and steal a false amulet, hopefully leading off a majority of the guard.

Her bluffing abilities as sharp as ever, she pulled it off, and the adventurers came crashing through windows around the tavern. The poor Huecep mercenaries never had a chance.

Huecep revealed that he was responsible for the death of the Nightwind merchants, but was acting out of fear. He was being blackmailed by Talon, looking for various magical artifacts. He gave up an ancient map, pinpointing the location of several of these items. One of which seems to be located in the crypts of the Elemental Temple!! DUN DUN DUNNNNNNNNNNN

Sissmuth, on a secret mission from an unknown benefactor, was charged with the assassination of Huecep. Seeking a means to separate him from the party, he offered to escort Huecep to the jailhouse, while the party tended to the urgent matter of finding the ID Fiend. (This matter wasn’t so urgent after all, as it seemed that the ID fiend killed every single guard that had followed it. One mercenary was simply terrified to death. Due to the storm, however, no sign of the ID Fiend was found…)

Despite his pleas, and gracious offers and promise for fortune, The Noble Alumon Huecep, of Tithians Court, went missing that day, and was never seen again.

The party arrived back at the temple, but something seemed wrong. They forced open the doors, and encountered several evolved demons. The party was nearly overwhelmed by the sheer magical power of these other-worldly creatures. They found some of the patients and the priestess still allive, barricaded in the back room. The oldest demon, still parasitically feeding off of the sick boy, took control of its host and escaped into the crypts.

There was only one clear thing to do:
Go into crypts, find the magical artifact, find the rats that started this plague, and save the boy (hopefully ridding him of his demonic parasite).

The party shuffled down into the crypts, and encountered a strange statue.
-blood smear across it in erratic patterns
-unnatural darkness in its cowl
-strange text on the scythe blade
-attacks party if they try to pass or grab a stone within
-TN offered some of her blood, and the Ghost Haunt that was inhabiting the statue rewarded them entrance into the catacombs, as well as access to a darkness sphere. It grants its holder dark vision.

-Two passage ways. Party went right, finding a room with 3 sarcophagi, and a blue sphere of swirling magical energies. The sarcophagi are sealed, welded shut. A stone switch is placed in the middle of the sphere, which forcefully repels all entrants (even objects).
-Party decided to revisit this location later, but didn’t see any imminent need to further explorre and risk valuable HP’s.

-Heard a boy crying from beyond a cave in. There was no way through the wreckage, so they’ll have to find another way. The boy was chanting a strange children’s song about an old king, and a sorceror.

-Large room, Xion has pains trying to cross it. Akuma’s ki remained behind after a brilliant attack against a large number of undead corpses. This came to xion in a vision as he crossed the room. He learned that Akuma is possibly working for Talon.

-Room filled with slippery bat droppings. The party were attacked by corpses, and a terrifying vicious fel creature capable of creating globes of darkness. TN fell into a trap door, and was attacked by an animated skeleton. Separated from the party, she scurried down a small crawl space to get away, and caught a glimpse of a large rat.

She lodged her shield in the space to block the skeleton, and chased down the rat. She called out to it, and curiously, it stopped and looked back at her with intelligent eyes. TN called out to it once more, insulting the poor thing, only to have it yell back, “FUCK YOU.”

Surprised, TN felt a sharp pain in her leg. She had become hooked by a Cave Fisher beast. The party vanquished their foes, and went below to save tenneille and meet the wereRat Borlem Darano. Halfling from the east, he and his two brothers escaped the arena together. Although one of his brothers had recently started acting violent and strange.

What ancient secrets lie within the crypts of a long lost king? Find out next time!

Hellstingers, Nobles, and Templar, Oh my!

Hejkin. Tenneille wasted one of her language choices on dwarven just to find out that her natural 1 to ascertain the nature of the Hejkin fertility dance was correct.

Strange hejkin dance, hejkin burned baxter to death, strange stone, TN appears as a messenger of the god seed. The God seed erupts and masaru is ‘born.’ TN accidentally kills off the last two women of their tribe, and sends the hejkin traveling north. They will likely all die in travel.

The group returns to town only to find that their quest givers, the Nightwind clansmen, have been murdered. Xion is immediately suspected. Templar Altanus meets Masaru, and xion is vindicated, somewhat. Speaking in private, Altanus employs Masaru to safeguard the amulet and hunt down the nightwind murderers.

Nameless and Sissmuth find their way into the nobles district, and confront Huecep. The meeting goes terribly awry, as Nameless accidentally insults Huecep. Escaping a savage beating, nameless and huecep decide to meet again later to make the exchange discretely.

Xion determined that the nightwind fellows were killed by short widow’s daggers coated with the infamous Hellsting venom. A drug dealing gang called the Hellstingers extracts the venom from their scorpion den, in a local hideout. The party infiltrates their highly defended facility, only to be shot down by the gangsters in a confusion. Sissmuth is wearing stolen guard armor; they mistook him for a guard! Masaru negotiates the client information exchange for a rather large sum of money. The party disperses to obtain the funds.

Sissmuth receives a note from an unknown patron; it’s a mission to free a criminal monk named Akuma. Sissmuth tricks some guards into freeing him, with the help of his new guardsman armor. Upon being freed, Akuma attacks and duels Xion—a fellow practitioner of the same martial arts school.

Xion is incapacitated as Masaru requests mission funding from Altanus. Masaru and Tenneille discover a plague affecting a group of peasants in the warrens, as well as a haunted crypt containing the plague carrier rats.

Party returns to the Hellsting clan, only to penetrate their incredible defenses with ease, overwhelming the gangsters. 4 elves are killed, and their dwarven accountant remains alive to tell his tale.

We left off here, just as combat ended. But a sinister presence lurks nearby…

Valenin Altanus: High Templar of Tyr
Sister Tela: Elemental Priestess at the Warrens Temple
Akuma: Mysterious Monk with criminal record; incredibly dangerous
Hellsting dwarf: An accountant, perhaps?
____ Huecep: Nobleman, hired tenneille. Little rough around the edges

Kill the mutant rats that infected the peasants. Preferably before the little boy dies.
Finish business with Huecep.
Find the murderer of the Nightwind clansmen, and serve them Altanus’ justice.

Into the depths

Xion, exhausted from the brutal fights with the kestrekel and fel taints, stayed in the main cavern while Balthazar investigated the next room.

Pit trap —> rat swarms, file beetle, and cave toad.
More bodies of fallen enemies. 3 gems in the wall activate a massive stone door

Wand and cloth armor acquired.

Cavern continues on for some distance. Tremors, rumbling, and roars of monsters deeper in the cave. Party arrives in the final room; two ankhegs and their broodlings are attacking the psion who owns the outpost—-he’s hiding behind a barricade of his wares. This cave likely served as a storage facility, before it was attacked, and monsters were attracted to feed on the fallen warriors within.

Matt savagely attacked by an ankheg, while Xion barely saves the psion from the broodlings. TNO desperately tends to the wounds of her allies, and Sissmuth makes an intimidating final stand against the Ankheg while Balthazar recovers.


ID Fiend Woes

Matt’s strange awakening. Steals ride in carts, witnesses destruction of party

arena monster mess

wyvern detained
flying bat monster steals little girl
sissmuth tries to escape


The nameless becomes guard commander by authority

cave in…Remdall and ID fiend. id fiend escapes

lots of natural ones

reunite krogan and mul

Serus Denellen – Arena Beast Master – offers services to the party. a fruit the beast is attracted to; general habits and behaviors. party catches id fiend; ID fiend and patrick get high.

party travels back to outpost:
chased by kestrekels, swarm of kestrekels. riding on crodlu

fel taints in cave. crodlu eating spiders

To the Arena!

The adventurers headed back to town with their captive Id Fiend in tow. Balthazar took a turn for the worse, losing consciousness and falling deathly ill. They arrived in town and took Balthazar to Priestess Tela of the Warrens temple. According to the old priestess, Balthazar’s prospects were grim at best, but she promised to do all she could for their fallen comrade.

In need of a new mercenary, The Nameless One and Xion began searching for a new party member. They headed back to the warrens market, and noticed a crowd gathered around Griks Sharpe Theeng’s. (Grick can’t spell)

Grick was being assaulted by a cloaked figure. Xion halted the attack, staring down the strange figure’s white glowing eyes, nested under a hood of unnatural darkness. “I think I’ve made myself clear,” the figure grunted as he walked off, clearly unimpressed by Xion’s attempt to intimidate. Something was unusual about this man.

Grick was a sobbing terrified mess, but The Nameless calmed him with her elegant elven voice. An underlord by the name of Talon was sending men after poor Grick, who wasn’t able to keep up with his shop payments. The dimwitted Mul had been cheated out of cash by many traders that day, Xion and Balthazar included. He now owes Talon several hundred gold. Feeling partially responsible, Xion swore to help Grick. He learned that Grick was working for Talon in order to be reunited with his twin sister, who was currently an arena slave fighting for Talon.

Meanwhile, the Id Fiend makes a desperate bold escape while his captors are distracted by the ugly fat man. He chewed through his ropes and slinked off into the darkness, finally free from the terrifying beast man and his arcane cohorts! Before he could make it too far, an enchanting aroma assailed his nostrils. The Comwa fruit, a delecacy of the tyr region, was the Fiend’s favorite fruit!!! Without a moment’s hesitation, the Fiend dove into a pile of the fruit and started happily munching away….until that nasty old man with the hammer clonked him on the head! He must be after the fruit! Startled, the overgrown lizard leapt into the streets, making a dash away from the jealous fruit fanatic. A few remaining shreds of rope were snagged on the fruit stand, dragging the Comwa behind the fiend! This was a stroke of luck; once he outruns the crazy hammer man, he’ll be able to enjoy the Comwa all to himself!

Xion and TN lowered their heads in frustration, seeing the ID fiend fleeing down the street. His harness was wrapped around a fruit stand, and he was being chased by merchants and guards, throwing fruit in every direction. Fortunately, he was headed in the direction of the arena. They decided to enter the evening’s arena competition. They could win the freedom of Grick’s sister, find other competent fighters for hire, locate that pesky id fiend, and then continue their search for the Nightwind Clan’s amulet

They happened upon a classy dwarf, yelling in the streets, suited in a set of shimmering bronze armor. Lavishly expensive, the only person in the city who could afford such luxurious equipment was Koven Remdall, Arena Master and owner of the Tyr Stadium. Behind him, several arena attendants were dragging a massive beast into the Colosseum. "Come one, come all! Watch in fright as tonights fighters are pitted up against beasts and horrors of unspeakable terror! You there, " he pointed at TN and Xion, “you look like competent warriors. You should enter the arena tonight, we have quite the catch for the final combat—-a live drago—-oops, I gave it away!”

Interested, the confident warriors signed up and approached the arena quartermasters. They needed to form a team of four. The most promising candidates were a pair of arena slaves—one was a hideous, fat, toad-like creature covered in warts. It scowled as TN and Xion moved to the next cell, housing a cute short harmless-looking gnome. TN cautiously approached the creature. It slammed itself against the metal bars between them and growled ferociously, exposing a mouthful of razorsharp teeth, and furiously clawing at the cell bars with its horrendous claws.

There was a large commotion at the end of the corridor, as a troop of guards forced a fighter into a nearby cell. Two guards were thrown off their feet, flying through the doorway. They hurriedly slammed the door shut and chained it, as trembling roars of protest emanated from within. “Who’s that?” Asked Xion, his curiosity piqued. “You don’t want that one, he works alone,” replied the quatermaster.

Ignoring his warning, TN and Xion asked to be let inside, where they found a muscular Dray chained at the wrists. He didn’t appear to be a slave; he was clearly a powerful warrior of indomitable will. It’s unlikely that any slavemaster would be able to control him.

TN transformed into a fellow Dray to ease the fighter. “Would you join us, as a team for arena combat?” she humbly asked. After consideration, the Dray held up his shackles, and Xion ripped the metal chain links apart, winning the Dray’s mutual respect with a feat of strength. Aside from the occasional roar, this dray doesn’t speak much. In fact, he doesn’t speak at all.

Xion and TN decided on the toad creature for their 4th member, fearing that the wolverine gnome would be a little too wild and reckless in combat. This fighter was known around the arena as “The Krogan.”

The arena master escorted the fighters into the Colosseum dungeon, where they held captive the monsters and beasts for that evening’s fights. Xion carefully studied his would-be opponents, as TN explored the dungeon. She heard voices in a dark corner, and crept toward them, hidden amongst the various pens and cages. One of the voices belonged to a familiar figure—the cloaked man who was kicking Grick in the street. “Execute the orders in round 3, that’s when we will release them.” Two arena attendents nodded, and ran off, as the cloaked figure’s shape deformed. His figure crumbled into a shadowy pool of crawling beetles and roaches, and disappeared into the ground.

TN informed Xion of her discovery. Xion decided he’d rather not get involved, and focus on the fights before them. They had enough on their own plates as it is.

arena fights 1 2 and 3; fake dragon, lighting goblins on fire, and stirges!! oh my.
Xion gets a tomato in the face, Tenten rallies the crowd with her awesomeness.
Krogan reveals himself to be Grick’s sister
the stadium rumbling, monsters pouring out

Bardic Knowledge 1
History of Tyr

Bardic Lore and information gathered during session one:

In the city of Tyr, the God-Emperor Kalek constructed a ziggurat designed to syphon the life of Tyr’s citizens and convert it to raw magical power. Revolutionaries (Freed slaves, peasants, and citizens opposed to the tyrant) and a strike force by the Veiled Alliance(a group of arcanists who oppose the Sorceror kings and magical defilers) assassinated Kalek. King Tithian now presides over the city as a figurehead. He employs his templar in a frantic search for the secrets behind Kalek’s power.

Tyr is struggling to reforge its government, with great difficulty. The nobles are rallying to establish an oligarchy; King Tithian seeks the power to reestablish an autocracy; the revolutionaries demand a purely democratic government. Beyond that, outside influences have begun to stir. News of Kalek’s demise have reached the ears of the other Sorceror Kings, among other foul entities.

The government is unstable, and many factions hunger for power and support. Will the heroes be able to sway this imbalance of power? Do they care? Find out next time!!!

A Scary Mission
Session 1

Xion met two elves from the Nightwind clan in a busy tavern in the Warrens district of Tyr. They had a job for him; find out what happened at Dr. Saius Baxter’s trade outpost, and recover a valuable amulet that had fallen into his possession.

Given a portion of the reward up front, Xion set about hiring other mercenaries to aid him on his mission. Balthazar was the first to respond, took some of the supply money, and went off to purchase Crodlu for the journey. (He punched a Crodlu in the throat when the stable master wasn’t looking, and criticized his store for having ‘sickly’ coughing crodlu, receiving a discount.)

The Nameless one, a spirited changeling bard, offered her talents to the company. Noticing a shifty onlooker interested in their mission, she shapechanged into a beautiful tiefling and bought him a drink. Once he loosened up a bit he claimed to be a member of house Huecep, charged by his father to obtain the very same amulet sought by the Nightwind clan. He offered The Nameless One double the reward the Nightwinds offered for the amulet, should she double cross the Nightwinds.

Xion bought a new weapon at “Griks Sharpe theeng’s” from a dimwitted half-dwarf half-human Mul, making use of the creature’s stupidity to haggle for an insanely low price. Preparations complete, the crew then travelled several hours through the sweltering heat toward the Comodo Outpost. Located at the oasis in the end of a gulley, it’s one of the few cool natural refuges in the vast Tyrian desert.

Kestrekels (buzzards) circled over an abandoned dune-trader wagon on the road to the outpost. The party saw what looked like a human leg moving near the cart. Xion stealthily moved in to examine it, but Balthazar gave away their presence after shouting out, “IT’S A ZOMBIE!!!!!!”

The crew was ambushed by 6 pale-skinned warriors with tattoos shaped like claws covering their foreheads. A difficult battle ensued; the warriors were relentless, and even death did not stop their onslaught. The warriors continued attacking until their bodies could not physically endure any movement. The party’s healer was wounded in battle, saved by the makeshift first aid skills of Balthazar (even if she really didn’t need those stitches…) Unfortunately for Balthazar, one of the creatures bit him in the neck, and foul necromantic energies now flow through his body.

The adventurers claimed the wagon as their own, and tied the horny Crodlu to the coach. They approached Baxter’s trade stand and shoddy abode, marked by a flag emblazoned with the emblem of an Iguana. The same emblem appeared several times on various tapestry, moldings, and objects throughout the household. A bluish purple rock with a hemispherical bowl carved into its side stood at the side of the house. A black powdery residue lined the bottom of the bowl.

Inside the house, Xion discovered a book, The Origin of Fear by Osteos, and many vials lined by the same black powder. He trembled with uncontrollable fear when he touched the vials. Balthazar experienced a similar sensation when approaching the pool of water in front of the house. Theorizing that the earlier rock may hold a deeper secret, Xion attempted to fill a residue beaker with water to create a solution.

The instant he touched the water, horrific ghouls and skeletons erupted from the earth and attacked the party. The area darkened and raw emotional terror washed over the party members. They battled the skeletons, but the experience was unusual. Impacts were less forceful than they should have felt; and the skeletons simply faded away when killed.

The Nameless one was suspicious of this behavior. Since the skeletons were summoned by contact with the water, Balthazar teleported out of trouble and let loose a fiery blast, luring out the creature responsible for the visions: An ID Fiend. A powerfully psionic creature, it is an overgrown lizard that inspires terror in its enemies by manipulating their thoughts.

And Xion wanted to make it his pet.

The creature had a collar. Xion delivered a square blow to the creature and drove it to the ground. Balthazar locked eyes with the beast, summoning his arcane might, and commanded, “SIT!!!!”
Too terrified to heed Xion’s failed attempts to tame it, the creature hid in his master’s home. The adventurers could not figure out how to extract the ID Fiend’s venom without killing the creature.

With that, the party tied the ID Fiend to the wagon and began a journey back into the city, perhaps to find someone who is an expert in handling these creatures.


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