Hellstingers, Nobles, and Templar, Oh my!

Hejkin. Tenneille wasted one of her language choices on dwarven just to find out that her natural 1 to ascertain the nature of the Hejkin fertility dance was correct.

Strange hejkin dance, hejkin burned baxter to death, strange stone, TN appears as a messenger of the god seed. The God seed erupts and masaru is ‘born.’ TN accidentally kills off the last two women of their tribe, and sends the hejkin traveling north. They will likely all die in travel.

The group returns to town only to find that their quest givers, the Nightwind clansmen, have been murdered. Xion is immediately suspected. Templar Altanus meets Masaru, and xion is vindicated, somewhat. Speaking in private, Altanus employs Masaru to safeguard the amulet and hunt down the nightwind murderers.

Nameless and Sissmuth find their way into the nobles district, and confront Huecep. The meeting goes terribly awry, as Nameless accidentally insults Huecep. Escaping a savage beating, nameless and huecep decide to meet again later to make the exchange discretely.

Xion determined that the nightwind fellows were killed by short widow’s daggers coated with the infamous Hellsting venom. A drug dealing gang called the Hellstingers extracts the venom from their scorpion den, in a local hideout. The party infiltrates their highly defended facility, only to be shot down by the gangsters in a confusion. Sissmuth is wearing stolen guard armor; they mistook him for a guard! Masaru negotiates the client information exchange for a rather large sum of money. The party disperses to obtain the funds.

Sissmuth receives a note from an unknown patron; it’s a mission to free a criminal monk named Akuma. Sissmuth tricks some guards into freeing him, with the help of his new guardsman armor. Upon being freed, Akuma attacks and duels Xion—a fellow practitioner of the same martial arts school.

Xion is incapacitated as Masaru requests mission funding from Altanus. Masaru and Tenneille discover a plague affecting a group of peasants in the warrens, as well as a haunted crypt containing the plague carrier rats.

Party returns to the Hellsting clan, only to penetrate their incredible defenses with ease, overwhelming the gangsters. 4 elves are killed, and their dwarven accountant remains alive to tell his tale.

We left off here, just as combat ended. But a sinister presence lurks nearby…

Valenin Altanus: High Templar of Tyr
Sister Tela: Elemental Priestess at the Warrens Temple
Akuma: Mysterious Monk with criminal record; incredibly dangerous
Hellsting dwarf: An accountant, perhaps?
____ Huecep: Nobleman, hired tenneille. Little rough around the edges

Kill the mutant rats that infected the peasants. Preferably before the little boy dies.
Finish business with Huecep.
Find the murderer of the Nightwind clansmen, and serve them Altanus’ justice.


In my humble opinion sir, you should most certainly elaborate upon the epic continuation of your adventure!


i will, just not right now. gotta let it all brew


So um… where is this week’s update plus last weeks revisions??


So sad that the latest session hasn’t even gotten a post yet :(


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