To the Arena!

The adventurers headed back to town with their captive Id Fiend in tow. Balthazar took a turn for the worse, losing consciousness and falling deathly ill. They arrived in town and took Balthazar to Priestess Tela of the Warrens temple. According to the old priestess, Balthazar’s prospects were grim at best, but she promised to do all she could for their fallen comrade.

In need of a new mercenary, The Nameless One and Xion began searching for a new party member. They headed back to the warrens market, and noticed a crowd gathered around Griks Sharpe Theeng’s. (Grick can’t spell)

Grick was being assaulted by a cloaked figure. Xion halted the attack, staring down the strange figure’s white glowing eyes, nested under a hood of unnatural darkness. “I think I’ve made myself clear,” the figure grunted as he walked off, clearly unimpressed by Xion’s attempt to intimidate. Something was unusual about this man.

Grick was a sobbing terrified mess, but The Nameless calmed him with her elegant elven voice. An underlord by the name of Talon was sending men after poor Grick, who wasn’t able to keep up with his shop payments. The dimwitted Mul had been cheated out of cash by many traders that day, Xion and Balthazar included. He now owes Talon several hundred gold. Feeling partially responsible, Xion swore to help Grick. He learned that Grick was working for Talon in order to be reunited with his twin sister, who was currently an arena slave fighting for Talon.

Meanwhile, the Id Fiend makes a desperate bold escape while his captors are distracted by the ugly fat man. He chewed through his ropes and slinked off into the darkness, finally free from the terrifying beast man and his arcane cohorts! Before he could make it too far, an enchanting aroma assailed his nostrils. The Comwa fruit, a delecacy of the tyr region, was the Fiend’s favorite fruit!!! Without a moment’s hesitation, the Fiend dove into a pile of the fruit and started happily munching away….until that nasty old man with the hammer clonked him on the head! He must be after the fruit! Startled, the overgrown lizard leapt into the streets, making a dash away from the jealous fruit fanatic. A few remaining shreds of rope were snagged on the fruit stand, dragging the Comwa behind the fiend! This was a stroke of luck; once he outruns the crazy hammer man, he’ll be able to enjoy the Comwa all to himself!

Xion and TN lowered their heads in frustration, seeing the ID fiend fleeing down the street. His harness was wrapped around a fruit stand, and he was being chased by merchants and guards, throwing fruit in every direction. Fortunately, he was headed in the direction of the arena. They decided to enter the evening’s arena competition. They could win the freedom of Grick’s sister, find other competent fighters for hire, locate that pesky id fiend, and then continue their search for the Nightwind Clan’s amulet

They happened upon a classy dwarf, yelling in the streets, suited in a set of shimmering bronze armor. Lavishly expensive, the only person in the city who could afford such luxurious equipment was Koven Remdall, Arena Master and owner of the Tyr Stadium. Behind him, several arena attendants were dragging a massive beast into the Colosseum. "Come one, come all! Watch in fright as tonights fighters are pitted up against beasts and horrors of unspeakable terror! You there, " he pointed at TN and Xion, “you look like competent warriors. You should enter the arena tonight, we have quite the catch for the final combat—-a live drago—-oops, I gave it away!”

Interested, the confident warriors signed up and approached the arena quartermasters. They needed to form a team of four. The most promising candidates were a pair of arena slaves—one was a hideous, fat, toad-like creature covered in warts. It scowled as TN and Xion moved to the next cell, housing a cute short harmless-looking gnome. TN cautiously approached the creature. It slammed itself against the metal bars between them and growled ferociously, exposing a mouthful of razorsharp teeth, and furiously clawing at the cell bars with its horrendous claws.

There was a large commotion at the end of the corridor, as a troop of guards forced a fighter into a nearby cell. Two guards were thrown off their feet, flying through the doorway. They hurriedly slammed the door shut and chained it, as trembling roars of protest emanated from within. “Who’s that?” Asked Xion, his curiosity piqued. “You don’t want that one, he works alone,” replied the quatermaster.

Ignoring his warning, TN and Xion asked to be let inside, where they found a muscular Dray chained at the wrists. He didn’t appear to be a slave; he was clearly a powerful warrior of indomitable will. It’s unlikely that any slavemaster would be able to control him.

TN transformed into a fellow Dray to ease the fighter. “Would you join us, as a team for arena combat?” she humbly asked. After consideration, the Dray held up his shackles, and Xion ripped the metal chain links apart, winning the Dray’s mutual respect with a feat of strength. Aside from the occasional roar, this dray doesn’t speak much. In fact, he doesn’t speak at all.

Xion and TN decided on the toad creature for their 4th member, fearing that the wolverine gnome would be a little too wild and reckless in combat. This fighter was known around the arena as “The Krogan.”

The arena master escorted the fighters into the Colosseum dungeon, where they held captive the monsters and beasts for that evening’s fights. Xion carefully studied his would-be opponents, as TN explored the dungeon. She heard voices in a dark corner, and crept toward them, hidden amongst the various pens and cages. One of the voices belonged to a familiar figure—the cloaked man who was kicking Grick in the street. “Execute the orders in round 3, that’s when we will release them.” Two arena attendents nodded, and ran off, as the cloaked figure’s shape deformed. His figure crumbled into a shadowy pool of crawling beetles and roaches, and disappeared into the ground.

TN informed Xion of her discovery. Xion decided he’d rather not get involved, and focus on the fights before them. They had enough on their own plates as it is.

arena fights 1 2 and 3; fake dragon, lighting goblins on fire, and stirges!! oh my.
Xion gets a tomato in the face, Tenten rallies the crowd with her awesomeness.
Krogan reveals himself to be Grick’s sister
the stadium rumbling, monsters pouring out



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