The Plunge

The party looted the smuggler/poison den, and found a pit full of scorpions. Using the scented bracelets on the elves, a large store of poison opened to the players.

They made the accountant dwarf devote himself to their own cause, on a condition that they’ll speak to the nightwind clan leader and establish themselves as a legitimate crime business (yes, i see the irony. Namely, make it so you dont get swallowed up by the bigger fish)

Nameless changed into a beautiful female nightwind elf, and bluffed her way through the clan’s customs. She attempted to speak with the nightwind elder, but he was away on business—arranging the assassination of the party (unbeknownst to tenneille). Regard

The party rested at the temple, keeping a watchful eye on the inflicted peasants. In the morning, they awoke to a great commotion; a sandstorm swept up from the deserts. This was a blessing, hueceps guard would not be able to see TN’s backup.

they regrouped and left for their morning meeting with Huecep. As TN was casing the Dead Badger Inn, the rest of the party was ambushed by nightwind assassins from the cover of the sand storm. It was a brutal confrontation, and the nightwinds fled once one of their members was killed.
TN was not recognized from the previous night; it seems their target was Xion, whom the nightwinds blame for the killing of their kin.

On to the show…Huecep appeared to be alone in the building, but Sissmuth realized something was strange with the windows. They were magically crafted to display a false illusionary image. Dozens of guardsmen accompanied Huecep. TN quickly formulated a plan to feign an unusual mugging in front of the tavern. Xion’s ID Fiend companion would ‘attack’ TN and steal a false amulet, hopefully leading off a majority of the guard.

Her bluffing abilities as sharp as ever, she pulled it off, and the adventurers came crashing through windows around the tavern. The poor Huecep mercenaries never had a chance.

Huecep revealed that he was responsible for the death of the Nightwind merchants, but was acting out of fear. He was being blackmailed by Talon, looking for various magical artifacts. He gave up an ancient map, pinpointing the location of several of these items. One of which seems to be located in the crypts of the Elemental Temple!! DUN DUN DUNNNNNNNNNNN

Sissmuth, on a secret mission from an unknown benefactor, was charged with the assassination of Huecep. Seeking a means to separate him from the party, he offered to escort Huecep to the jailhouse, while the party tended to the urgent matter of finding the ID Fiend. (This matter wasn’t so urgent after all, as it seemed that the ID fiend killed every single guard that had followed it. One mercenary was simply terrified to death. Due to the storm, however, no sign of the ID Fiend was found…)

Despite his pleas, and gracious offers and promise for fortune, The Noble Alumon Huecep, of Tithians Court, went missing that day, and was never seen again.

The party arrived back at the temple, but something seemed wrong. They forced open the doors, and encountered several evolved demons. The party was nearly overwhelmed by the sheer magical power of these other-worldly creatures. They found some of the patients and the priestess still allive, barricaded in the back room. The oldest demon, still parasitically feeding off of the sick boy, took control of its host and escaped into the crypts.

There was only one clear thing to do:
Go into crypts, find the magical artifact, find the rats that started this plague, and save the boy (hopefully ridding him of his demonic parasite).

The party shuffled down into the crypts, and encountered a strange statue.
-blood smear across it in erratic patterns
-unnatural darkness in its cowl
-strange text on the scythe blade
-attacks party if they try to pass or grab a stone within
-TN offered some of her blood, and the Ghost Haunt that was inhabiting the statue rewarded them entrance into the catacombs, as well as access to a darkness sphere. It grants its holder dark vision.

-Two passage ways. Party went right, finding a room with 3 sarcophagi, and a blue sphere of swirling magical energies. The sarcophagi are sealed, welded shut. A stone switch is placed in the middle of the sphere, which forcefully repels all entrants (even objects).
-Party decided to revisit this location later, but didn’t see any imminent need to further explorre and risk valuable HP’s.

-Heard a boy crying from beyond a cave in. There was no way through the wreckage, so they’ll have to find another way. The boy was chanting a strange children’s song about an old king, and a sorceror.

-Large room, Xion has pains trying to cross it. Akuma’s ki remained behind after a brilliant attack against a large number of undead corpses. This came to xion in a vision as he crossed the room. He learned that Akuma is possibly working for Talon.

-Room filled with slippery bat droppings. The party were attacked by corpses, and a terrifying vicious fel creature capable of creating globes of darkness. TN fell into a trap door, and was attacked by an animated skeleton. Separated from the party, she scurried down a small crawl space to get away, and caught a glimpse of a large rat.

She lodged her shield in the space to block the skeleton, and chased down the rat. She called out to it, and curiously, it stopped and looked back at her with intelligent eyes. TN called out to it once more, insulting the poor thing, only to have it yell back, “FUCK YOU.”

Surprised, TN felt a sharp pain in her leg. She had become hooked by a Cave Fisher beast. The party vanquished their foes, and went below to save tenneille and meet the wereRat Borlem Darano. Halfling from the east, he and his two brothers escaped the arena together. Although one of his brothers had recently started acting violent and strange.

What ancient secrets lie within the crypts of a long lost king? Find out next time!



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