Into the depths

Xion, exhausted from the brutal fights with the kestrekel and fel taints, stayed in the main cavern while Balthazar investigated the next room.

Pit trap —> rat swarms, file beetle, and cave toad.
More bodies of fallen enemies. 3 gems in the wall activate a massive stone door

Wand and cloth armor acquired.

Cavern continues on for some distance. Tremors, rumbling, and roars of monsters deeper in the cave. Party arrives in the final room; two ankhegs and their broodlings are attacking the psion who owns the outpost—-he’s hiding behind a barricade of his wares. This cave likely served as a storage facility, before it was attacked, and monsters were attracted to feed on the fallen warriors within.

Matt savagely attacked by an ankheg, while Xion barely saves the psion from the broodlings. TNO desperately tends to the wounds of her allies, and Sissmuth makes an intimidating final stand against the Ankheg while Balthazar recovers.




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