Bardic Knowledge 1

History of Tyr

Bardic Lore and information gathered during session one:

In the city of Tyr, the God-Emperor Kalek constructed a ziggurat designed to syphon the life of Tyr’s citizens and convert it to raw magical power. Revolutionaries (Freed slaves, peasants, and citizens opposed to the tyrant) and a strike force by the Veiled Alliance(a group of arcanists who oppose the Sorceror kings and magical defilers) assassinated Kalek. King Tithian now presides over the city as a figurehead. He employs his templar in a frantic search for the secrets behind Kalek’s power.

Tyr is struggling to reforge its government, with great difficulty. The nobles are rallying to establish an oligarchy; King Tithian seeks the power to reestablish an autocracy; the revolutionaries demand a purely democratic government. Beyond that, outside influences have begun to stir. News of Kalek’s demise have reached the ears of the other Sorceror Kings, among other foul entities.

The government is unstable, and many factions hunger for power and support. Will the heroes be able to sway this imbalance of power? Do they care? Find out next time!!!



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