A Scary Mission

Session 1

Xion met two elves from the Nightwind clan in a busy tavern in the Warrens district of Tyr. They had a job for him; find out what happened at Dr. Saius Baxter’s trade outpost, and recover a valuable amulet that had fallen into his possession.

Given a portion of the reward up front, Xion set about hiring other mercenaries to aid him on his mission. Balthazar was the first to respond, took some of the supply money, and went off to purchase Crodlu for the journey. (He punched a Crodlu in the throat when the stable master wasn’t looking, and criticized his store for having ‘sickly’ coughing crodlu, receiving a discount.)

The Nameless one, a spirited changeling bard, offered her talents to the company. Noticing a shifty onlooker interested in their mission, she shapechanged into a beautiful tiefling and bought him a drink. Once he loosened up a bit he claimed to be a member of house Huecep, charged by his father to obtain the very same amulet sought by the Nightwind clan. He offered The Nameless One double the reward the Nightwinds offered for the amulet, should she double cross the Nightwinds.

Xion bought a new weapon at “Griks Sharpe theeng’s” from a dimwitted half-dwarf half-human Mul, making use of the creature’s stupidity to haggle for an insanely low price. Preparations complete, the crew then travelled several hours through the sweltering heat toward the Comodo Outpost. Located at the oasis in the end of a gulley, it’s one of the few cool natural refuges in the vast Tyrian desert.

Kestrekels (buzzards) circled over an abandoned dune-trader wagon on the road to the outpost. The party saw what looked like a human leg moving near the cart. Xion stealthily moved in to examine it, but Balthazar gave away their presence after shouting out, “IT’S A ZOMBIE!!!!!!”

The crew was ambushed by 6 pale-skinned warriors with tattoos shaped like claws covering their foreheads. A difficult battle ensued; the warriors were relentless, and even death did not stop their onslaught. The warriors continued attacking until their bodies could not physically endure any movement. The party’s healer was wounded in battle, saved by the makeshift first aid skills of Balthazar (even if she really didn’t need those stitches…) Unfortunately for Balthazar, one of the creatures bit him in the neck, and foul necromantic energies now flow through his body.

The adventurers claimed the wagon as their own, and tied the horny Crodlu to the coach. They approached Baxter’s trade stand and shoddy abode, marked by a flag emblazoned with the emblem of an Iguana. The same emblem appeared several times on various tapestry, moldings, and objects throughout the household. A bluish purple rock with a hemispherical bowl carved into its side stood at the side of the house. A black powdery residue lined the bottom of the bowl.

Inside the house, Xion discovered a book, The Origin of Fear by Osteos, and many vials lined by the same black powder. He trembled with uncontrollable fear when he touched the vials. Balthazar experienced a similar sensation when approaching the pool of water in front of the house. Theorizing that the earlier rock may hold a deeper secret, Xion attempted to fill a residue beaker with water to create a solution.

The instant he touched the water, horrific ghouls and skeletons erupted from the earth and attacked the party. The area darkened and raw emotional terror washed over the party members. They battled the skeletons, but the experience was unusual. Impacts were less forceful than they should have felt; and the skeletons simply faded away when killed.

The Nameless one was suspicious of this behavior. Since the skeletons were summoned by contact with the water, Balthazar teleported out of trouble and let loose a fiery blast, luring out the creature responsible for the visions: An ID Fiend. A powerfully psionic creature, it is an overgrown lizard that inspires terror in its enemies by manipulating their thoughts.

And Xion wanted to make it his pet.

The creature had a collar. Xion delivered a square blow to the creature and drove it to the ground. Balthazar locked eyes with the beast, summoning his arcane might, and commanded, “SIT!!!!”
Too terrified to heed Xion’s failed attempts to tame it, the creature hid in his master’s home. The adventurers could not figure out how to extract the ID Fiend’s venom without killing the creature.

With that, the party tied the ID Fiend to the wagon and began a journey back into the city, perhaps to find someone who is an expert in handling these creatures.



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